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Why We Fight: The Nazi Strike

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Why We Fight: The Nazi Strike

"The Nazis Strike," Chapter II of Frank Capra's "Why We Fight" series,
summarizes Adolph Hitler's plan for world conquest and Germany's full
scale preparation in pursuit of this end. While the Nazis plead poverty
and pacifism, they spend incredible amounts of money to prepare a war
machine of unparalleled strength and destructive capability. While
Hitler assures the other leaders of the world he has no interest in
promoting National Socialism, he begins "softening up" future target
nations by sponsoring local Nazi organizations in other countries. The
film explains that the key to Germany's world conquest is the occupation
of central Russia, a heartland rich in natural resources. Hitler begins
his march in this direction by annexing Austria and part of
Czechoslovakia. With these new territories, he now possesses a massive
front against Poland, which he invades and conquers within three weeks.
After the invasion of Poland, Britain and France declare war on Germany,
which then signs a non-aggression pact with the Soviets so Hitler can re-focus his
energy against his enemies to the west.

Producer Frank Capra
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Cary Zichy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 14, 2013
Subject: Research for a Historical Movie
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen from Internet Archive,

we are working on the historical movie-project "Nur ein Schritt" about Paul Grüninger.
Our Director found footage in your Clip, he wants to use for our Production.
The footage is (TC16:11) where German soldiers lift up the border-barrier.

My questions to you are:
What would it cost to use this 1:30sec. Clip in our Production?
Is it possible to get this clip in a quality the highest possible?

Thank you for your Answer
Cary Zichy
Reviewer: grezz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 11, 2012
Subject: Nazis Strike shot list
1.44 to 1.57 Hitler walking along with masses of people standing by
2.05 to Hitler closer to camera with two others
2.10 to 2.20 Nazis buglers and uniformed people at Nazis rally
2.47 to 2.56 parading upstairs with Nazis flags and pan to Hitler about to speak
2.56 to 2.57 Hitler armed folded, about to speak
2.58 to 3.00 CU on Hitler
3.02 to 3.05 people saluting him
3.07 to 3.12 pan across Hitler with Nazi flag behind him then zoom in
4.27 to 4.32 uniformed men entering Nazi building
6.57 to 7.03 wide shots of Nuremberg rally
7.04 to 7.28 Hitler shaking hands with men and Nazi flag
7.47 to 7.55 Hitler smiling/laughing
7.56 to 8.09 Hitler planning with maps and staff on moving train
8.20 to 8.23 Hitler saluting, looking at a big ship
10.20 to 11.05 German industrialisation and rebuilding (not militarisation though)
11.31 still of Himmler
11.42 to 11.47 CU of soldiers in German Army; marching, turning left
12.02 to 12.05 goose stepping men on parade
12.41 Germany planes in the sky (pretty hard to see them though)
12.46 to 13.03 goose stepping recruits being watched by senior officers; goose-stepping with bicycles
13.03 to 13.07 tanks on parade
13.08 to 13.12 Stuka dive bomber and audio
13.12 to 13.18 Germany ships. One with Nazi flag
13.31 to 13.34 Nazi men in uniform with maps in front of them
13.35 to 13.37 German officer directing surveyor something off camera
15.03 to 15.12 Hitler in car driving in country near work site
15.16 to 15.18 SS men on parade – for Chamberlain room
15.18 to 15.21 big field guns and vehicles on parade as far as the eye can see
15.39 to 15.41 Hitler surveying parade
16.00 to 16.06 Hitler walking upstairs at Berchtesgarden with Goering
16.08 to 16.17 Hitler and military planners laughing and then serious when they are looking at maps
16.30 to 16.39 Germans march into Austria
16.42 to 16.46 Hitler standing in car driving through Austria street
17.27 to 17.29 Czechoslovakian army – for Chamberlain room
17.45 to 17.47 French soldiers marching in French streets – for Chamberlain room
17.48 to 17.53 British naval ships showing British flag – for re-armament
17.53 to 17.57 Hitler standing around huge map with military men all around him
18.13 to 18.29 impassioned speech from Hitler before Sudetenland annexation
19.05 to 19.09 Hitler speaking again
20.21 to 2.42 Hitler talking to German Parliament
21.12 to 21.24 Munich Conference (Chamberlain in shot at 21.22)
21.28 to 22.24 Chamberlain flying back in to London after Munich, getting off plane and speaking to crowd about agreement signed with Hitler
23.00 to 23.01 tanks rolling along road
23.03 to 23.07 Nazis vehicles in Czech street
23.11 driving through Czech
23.14 to 23.15 people saluting Hitler and crying
23.36 to 23.41 Chamberlain walking with wife, looking defeated
23.44 to 24.06 Chamberlain giving speech about protecting Poland
24.07 to 24.13 Hitler walking through fancy looking area in nice building
25.37 to 25.41 Hitler talking to German parliament
26.13 to 26.20 Polish civilians preparing for conflict/men in civvies marching
26.21 to 26.26 Polish civilians digging in
27.31 to 27.39 German forces massing by river and driving along road
27.41 to 27.47 Polish military with carts and horses
27.49 to 27.52 Polish cavalry
28.17 to 24.24 Germans moving bombs to planes
28.33 to 28.38 Hitler talking animatedly
28.39 to 28.41 German field guns firing
28.42 to 28.43 Germans on the move on motorcycles
28.44 to 28.46 German tanks rolls downhill
28.48 to 28.54 German motorcycles driving past Polish sign
28.56 to 29.00 Stukas bombers taking off in daylight
29.06 to 29.28 Germans firing on Polish aircraft
29.00 and on German pilots' POV
30.55 good audio of Stuka as it dive to drop its bombs
30.55 to 31.24 apprehensive Polish civilians run and hide from approaching bombers; results of bombings
31.26 to 31.29 Polish cavalry
31.35 to 31.44 Nazi advance across rivers
33.44 to 33.48 building falls in Poland
33.49 to 34.03 fighting in Warsaw
34.23 to 34.42 bombardment of Warsaw
34.43 to 34.44 Hitler observing damage to Poland
34.47 to 34.55 smoking buildings on horizon
35.03 building tower falls
35.05 to 35.11 refugees scurrying away
35.49 German warship fires on Polish port
36.15 to 36.29 defeated Polish POWs
36.47 still of Himmler
36.49 to 36.59 line of executed civilians and distraught reaction of others
37.14 to 37.18 little girl crying over death of sister killed in air raid
37.24 to 37.25 & 37.35 to 37.37 Hitler looking out of plane
37.25 to 37.27 aerial of damage to Poland
37.38 to 37.43 aerial of damage to Poland
37.44 to 37.45 Hitler looking out of plane but pretty hard to see him
37.46 to 37.53 aerial of damage to Poland
37.53 to 38.00 Soviet tracked vehicles driving along in Poland
38.00 to 38.12 Soviets military meet German military and salute and shake
39.06 to 39.07 Chamberlain seated at desk looking at papers
39.12 to 39.18 Britons in civvies marching along with helmets on
39.30 to 39.35 Britons in civvies marching with standing to attention
40.05 to 40.30 damage to Poland and refugees
Reviewer: sirderek - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 28, 2012
Subject: Bellevue is calling!
I thought this was a VERY interesting and factual documentary... Isn't it kind of nutty how Nazi sympathizers & holocaust deniers try to rewrite history and reveal the hidden "facts" that we all missed? Poland was about to invade Germany and the poor Mr. Hitler had no choice but to fight back and attack first.. Yeah right!.. Maybe Pearl Harbor was all just a big conspiracy by Roosevelt to trick us into getting into WWII.. And those really WERE just only "curtain rods" that Oswald brought to work that day... People who believe in conspiracy theories are SO gullible, or they're living in some kind of strange Bizarro world... Get lobotomy!!.. It make you more smarter!! HA ha ha ha ha... To Alice living in wonderland... You should maybe change your name to "The Mad Hatter" because you are sincerely insane!... First of all, Pearl Harbor was attacked WITHOUT WARNING by the Japanese on December 7th 1941. The U.S. dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima on August 6th 1945. Why did we wait almost FOUR years for an "excuse" to "test" the atomic bomb? Don't you think that we could have bombed Japan a little earlier than THAT and saved the many thousands of lives of all those brave men & women of the greatest generation who GAVE THEIR LIVES fighting to keep you and I and our families free from the tyranny of Nazi Germany & Imperial Japan who were trying to enslave the world?.. And also Alice in wonderland, you really do a disservice to the many Jewish people & others that died in those many death camps in Germany & Poland when you say that there were no gas chambers & crematoriums there. Didn't you see the pictures and films of the piles of dead bodies and the mountains of teeth and hair and other items?? THAT was not a "Hollywood movie" at all it was THE REAL THING documented by the liberators of those death camps... I think that you owe an apology to the victims of the Holocaust and ALL of our brave men & women who fought AND DIED in that war! There is NO DOUBT that they saved me and your sorry ass!!.. I just want to take this moment to thank all of them that are still alive right now. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you for your service!!! And to the ones that GAVE THEIR LIVES for us that we would live in freedom, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the ultimate sacrifice that you made for this great country, and may GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
Reviewer: AliceWonders - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 23, 2012
Subject: @sirderek
Some facts you mentioned should not be referred to as "conspiracy theories" because they have been already proven to be true ;)
The Holocaust did happen but it was far not so cruel and inhumane as the media taught us to believe - no gas chambers and such atrocities. And yes, the US did knew that the Pearl Harbor will happen, but they did nothing because they wanted a reason to test the A-bomb.
At least, this is what I learnt from PROOFS (you just need to search them) (- not from the mass-media and Hollywood).
Btw, I'm not a Nazi sympathizer... however I do believe many of the Europeans are (maybe without knowing it lol), especially those pro-EU - that was the Hitler's plan, after all, unite all the European countries under the Germany's control.
Reviewer: healthsafety - favorite - October 1, 2011
Subject: weak piece of propaganda
I think lot's has already been said. Hitler stated it clearly in conversations with Mannerheim and others and it can also be seen from the diplomatic record. He didn't want war, neither with Poland, nor with the west nor with Russia. This was clearly forced on him, first by Polish provocations backed by Britain and France, then by denial of peace by the very same. And finally by the biggest march of all times of an invasion army at his Eastern borders. That is of course not mentioned in the movie and has been "confirmed" after Germany was overpowered and silenced by 10:1 force.
Reviewer: Shevek - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 24, 2008
Subject: A small point
I am a History teacher. I am also left of center. That being said, I use the "Why We Fight" series in the classroom.

Yes, its propaganda but, heck, everything is.

This is a fine piece. So long as the instructor makes sure to explain why Germans were driven to put their faith in a madman and Capra's bias, then this can be of great use.

I would also point out that attempting to draw parallels between what is happening in the Middle East and WW2 is a shaky analogy. WW2, for good or ill, is often thought of as the only "good" modern war. Some historians go so far as the call it the "perfect" war (ignoring Dresden and the A-Bomb). That being said, you will find precious few historians which would call the conflict in Iraq "perfect," "good" or even "acceptable."

Just some food for thought. Adios.
Reviewer: Hamilcar21 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 9, 2007
Subject: The Way It Was
Sure, it's propaganda, and people are wary of propaganda. But the world was quite different then, and many of the wary who write reviews for these propaganda films were not alive in those days. They might not think that a Hitler here or a Stalin there would have much bearing on their lives.

The fact is that every feature of American and world history to this very day is the way it is because of what transpired in the day of Hitler and Stalin. Every feature. The science of nuclear power. The science of computers. The "science" of 21st century politics.

It was propaganda such as seen in this remarkable film that made people like us, the relatively unaffected Americans of the 1930s and 1940s, realize that we had better stop screwing around and start paying attention to the ominous direction that world events had taken. And we finally did, although quite belatedly and with almost disastrous results.

Just because it's an old film doesn't mean its message has lost relevance to the people living today. It tells a story of a slice of history which actually happened (yes, those people are really dead and gone forever) and which can happen again whenever well-meaning but naive people, such as our relatively lazy and coddled selves, refuse to believe it can happen.

It happened then, and shame on them. If it happens again, shame on us.
Reviewer: Patton Was Right - favorite - November 10, 2007
Subject: I Really Pity The American Left
I've been reading various posts by the leftist members of this archive and I generally pity all of you on the left. How frightened you must be. The hopelessness you must feel. Even as you embrace our Muslim enemy in order to gain his mercy, he still hates you and will kill you. To live in a world when you yourself are cowardly and embrace non violence to mask your weakness. But take heart, my spineless friends. Luckily for you, there are patriots among us who are willing to take-up arms and march to war so that you may take to the streets to protest, burn the flag and spit in the faces of those who serve our great country and do nothing short of saving your worthless ass.
Reviewer: Mensch - favoritefavorite - March 26, 2007
Subject: god bless marginal IQs
Hitler was democratically elected. Read all about it. And much less dubiously than Bush's famous Florida stunt they still laugh about in Nigeria.

Americans have a hard time discerning propaganda from bullshit, - have a walk on Madison Avenue one Sunday afternoon, or ask Tony Snow.

Had Hitler retired after 6 years in office,
he's be one of history's great statesmen,
but instead he had one too many apple schnaps
and amphetamine-laced sauerkraut and went off
the handle to the produce the most shameful disaster of the last century. The war cost 60 - 80
million lives. Less than 10% were jews. Goebbels
was captured and taken to Hollywood, just like
Von Braun went to Houston. At least it seems like that to me.
Reviewer: GCarty - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 5, 2006
Subject: Esalkin is a right-wing moron
Hitler was the popular ruler of a heavily industrialized nation of 80 million people, who controlled a military which man for man was the world's best by a wide margin (thanks to the Prussian military tradition), and who invaded many major Western countries which the Americans held dear (because many Americans had ancestors from those countries).

Saddam was a two-bit thug who shot his way to power in a country of 15 million people with almost no industry (and no resources except oil). Unlike Hitler (and like Stalin) he was an ogre ruling by fear alone and for this reason crippled his army (which wasn't much good to start with, due to Arabs losing their military traditions during the centuries of Turkish rule) by murdering all its best generals (popular generals would be a threat to Saddam's rule, you see). His only foreign wars were against the Islamic Republic of Iran - a country with very few friends in the West - and against Kuwait - a pipsqueak country originally carved artificially from Iraq by British imperialists.

It sickens me how right-wing warmongers accuse their opponents of "appeasement". "Appeasement" means giving concessions to an adversary (as Chamberlain did with the Sudetenland) so they don't attack YOU, not merely the act of abstaining from attacking THEM. If you always reject "appeasement" as defined by the rightists, you turn not into Churchill, but into Hitler.
Reviewer: victorgeorge - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 26, 2006
Subject: Why we fight: The Nazi Strike
Reference GCarty and Mike18xxx. I was under the impression that we are invited to write our opinions of the film, not to comment on the opinions of others. This form of egoismus never fails to lead to quarrels and misunderstandings. That, gentlemen, is the way wars start.
The Film was, after all, propaganda, and propaganda is always exaggerated and biased; otherwise it would not achieve its purpose. The film's quality was good and if any one can really enjoy war propaganda films, it is okay to watch.
Reviewer: Kiumars - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 29, 2006
Subject: History is written by the conquerors and is biased.
History is written by the conquerors and is biased. After the WWI Germany was devastated and ruined, reviving the country and the nation to the level that the whole Europe collectively could not fight with, could not be the work of a bunch of idiots and mentally ill people!
Reviewer: mike18xx - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 15, 2006
Subject: GCarty is an any-wing moron
Hitler's Nazi party bullied its way into power via assassination and intimidation, and maintained itself thusly for nearly ten years before proceeding to overt war. Hussein (who had a soft spot for the Nazis) was an even closer parallel to Joseph Stalin, who assassinated and intimidated his way into power, killed all his best generals, lost a way against a "pipsqueak" country (Finland), and still managed (after getting caught with his pants down in Operation Barbarosa) to field enough men and tanks and planes to have crushed the Nazis in the end even without his allies creating a two-front war via D-Day.

Oh, and the poor, oppressed, "colonized" Arabs? You witless git: It ain't called "Islamofascism" for nothing; and it's been on the warpath for 1,400 years since L. Ron Muhammod formulated divine justification for pillage, homicide, rape and slavery. Welcome to World War IV, stupid.
Reviewer: esalkin - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 3, 2006
Subject: War mongering propaganda?
Imagine the screams from the left if they made a similar film about Iraq. Of course, they could not make this film today. There are no Americans in Hollywood.
Reviewer: COOL!! AWESOME!! HURRAH!!! - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 19, 2005
Subject: WHY?!!!
Nice Film, complete and thoughfull approach to Nazi Politics and of course, they should never have risen...
Reviewer: ERD - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 2, 2005
Subject: Brilliant Motivation
This is a brilliant film which, step by step, clearly explains why Nazi agression had to be stopped. Top quality in its visual and narrative approach.
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